me just throwing

Heres my first video! I borrowed my friends go pro for this so there is a slight motion sickness warning.
Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome!

So no one has anything to say about my video? :-\

Nice supernova :wink: and nice tricks. Lovce the chill music too

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Thanks I got the supernova in a trade from someone. I :dont remember who though. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought the music fit well brocade I’m not that fast of a yoyoer.

Loved the angle one of the best head cam yoyo videos I’ve seen. Also liked the yoyoing. C=

Strobe’s great song reminds me of Josh’s videos.

And I need one of those gloves for yoyoing and being like MJ.

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Thanks Trace! I spent a good hour or so fine tuning the angle. A lot of people have been asking about the gloves. I really like them but they are a little big Im hoping they shrink in the wash.

I bet they will.

So how thick are they? I like bare bones, so let me know if they’re slim and I’ll pick a pair up.

They are right I’m between the thickness of a t shirt and an under armor shirt.

Coo’ I’ll have to try them. C=

how long have you been throwing?

I’ve been throwing seriously for about 2 years.

that’s pretty good. Self taught?

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More our less self taught I stopped watching tutorials around the time I learned spirit bomb. That was about six months ago. Now I just mess around with trick elements and make up my own stuff. If I watch a tutorial now its only to learn a new element for an original trick.