First video plz be gentle

I know the quality sucks and tricks are terrible but I wanna post something

Not bad! What yoyo are you using?

Not too bad, buddy! You’ve got a nice flowing style. thumbs up


Crucial convection

You are very good my friend. You should go far at Illinois states :wink:

I like your flow!

Ahhhh yeahhh sahn !!! Good job :wink:

Good stuff right there! Smooth recoveries from mistakes, and as mentioned a nice flowing style!

I agree with everybody else - you’ve got serious flow. And you are totally relaxed, LOL.

How long have you been throwing?

Three years I was nervous next clip will be much better

I don’t care what I have to do, I wanna come to my first contest!

Great video BTW, keep up the good throwin’

does this sound right