YOYO Video

Here is my first yoyo video with the first set of tricks that i made a long time ago. Finally got around to putting them in a video. May make it private after today. Let me know what you think.

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Yeah, that is private location! :smiley:

Seriously, I enjoyed the tricks. Cool stuff! I definitely did not enjoy the scenery (toilet).

Haha, sorry about the location. It was the only place in my apartment with enough lighting. I would have done it outside but its been raining a lot here haha

Haha, no worries. Thanks for the tricks!

Excellent video, thanks for sharing!

Great tricks, the different views will help a lot as I try to break down how to do the moves.

Want me to make tutorials? haha or at least slow them down a bit?

If I get stuck I 'll take you up on the offer, Thank You very much that is very generous!

To be honest i may just be doing it for for haha, idk if i should try and make a yoyo youtube channel i feel like there is so many. idk what do you think.

IMO The amateur throwers have a lot to contribute with tutorials and videos.

Don’t get me wrong. The professionally made series and trick ladders are foundational to the community. But some of their trick tutorials are just way ahead of us mortals. (Tessa Picillo’s Evergreen Tutorial made me laugh out loud when she “slowly” explained these insane maneuvers as if it was super simple now that she broke it down for us.) (*sigh) not today Tessa, not today.

The videos of amateur throwers provides a substantial and important instructional resource. It also keeps the trick and learning landscape fresh as well.

In my opinion, if what you are doing is original, and well made, it will be very likely be appreciated and utilized.

I know I have gotten a tremendous amount of help and knowledge from the Yo-Yo Videos section of this forum.

I agree completely with all of that. There is plenty of room for you!

ok, ill defiantly make tutorials then! How much does video editing matter? i realistically have no experience in video editing so it will seem kinda choppy and idk what to use for background music i dont want to deal with copy write stuff. if i can figure out the background music it would be nice

ps also please subscribe to my you tube channel promise many tutorials are coming!

I’m pretty sure YT has it now where you can pick from a selection of music that has all the copy-write stuff taken care of?

Regarding the editing… I’d recommend watching and learning tricks from YouTube videos.
Pay attention to what you like, and don’t like about different videos.
Learn from both the good and bad videos how to best make yours.

I’m going through this process now myself. I’ve made a couple of videos, but I’m still working out my process… once I’m happy with the quality I’ll be ready to share.

Hopefully contribute back to the community 8)

will do and will experiment with my first videos
subscribe please