1a Short

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWznJeIQfp0 (External Embedding Disabled)

I was not planing to post this, hence raw editing, and crappy background. I Made this to document my tricks i have been perfecting, so i can move on to new stuff without forgetting this stuff. So…i ended up posting this because i though it came out pretty cool. Comments are welcome! Thanks, Jeremy Gelman.

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Impressive! I like that first trick you did. :wink:

Even without the updates, I like it!

DUDE, those are some sick tricks!!! You should make some tutorials ::slight_smile:

I agree 100%.

Thanks, i will hopefully get around to making some Tuts later, but no promises.

Super-dee Duper-dee!! I’ll be waiting :smiley:

remember no promises. haha.

Smooth, sweet, and amazing!!!


Happy Throwing! =]

Nice, yoyo?
Gold Edition Skyline?

Gold nugget peak!

I really loved that.
I love vids with no music. As long as you can hear the yoyo spinning ITS ALL GOOD MAN.
Seriously. So awesome. SO SMOOTH.
Major inspiration.
Thanks 8)

Haha, thanks guys. You know what the hypnotists say “the buzzing sound of a yo-yo will release all your stress”