Yoyo Youtube Channel


is making a yoyo youtube channel something that is over done? Should I try it? what do you guys think honesty please. Also any tips for starting one?

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There are quite a few yoyo channels in case you haven’t looked around.


would you say it is worth trying to make one or is it to overdone?

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Anything is worth doing if you do it right.


any recommendations? wanna make it more of a showing people how to do my tricks type of thing? Advice what you have or have not liked from other channels.


This ^


Tricks tutorials, bind tutorials, beginner guide to yoyoing, yoyo collection, yoyo reviews, yoyo unboxing :stuck_out_tongue:


Do what you love. Don’t try to do what you think people will like.


OK! please subscribe to my channel more content is coming soon i promise.


I love first person view videos. Thanks.