My video clips thread

Hi, so I’ve bought a camcorder, finally. it’s official now, I’m getting into filming. So rather than making a new thread for each vid, I’m gonna put them all here.

The first one, I just wanted to get a hold of the camcorder and took advantage on some remaining yet fairly low light when I got back from work. There were no scenario, no storyboard here

Then the second one, I wanted to work a little more on the composition, trying to find nicer places to film and see what I could do. I also had a friend with me to assist on the hand held shots.

Then I figured I’d start working on more precise stuff, so I went out with the transitions in mind, multiple angle scenes etc… I also decided the vids would have to be much shorter

3rd vid has explicit lyrics - but then, it’s just music guys, it won’t hurt you if you don’t let it, but if you can’t deal with “colorful” words, you better skip that 3rd vid or turn the sound off.

Next thing I’ll be working on will be the scenes themselves, meaning I’m probably gonna start drawing a storyboard (tho I can’t really draw, but I guess I’ll have to try). Hopefully I’ll also get a hold of post production stuff. But there might be another random vid in between as we have a yoyo meet next week end.

anyway, let me know what you guys think, more about the vid than the yoyoing as I only got 6 months under my belt so it’s fairly “average yoyoing” at best.

Alright, my first 5A tricks and a springtime vid, I wanted to make up for the last one with bad lyrics


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thankyo :wink:

Third one is the best by far, edit-wise. The only problem I had with these is that the tricks were really repetitive and didn’t keep me interested.

no worries, about the tricks well, this is most of what I’ve learned since I got started about 6 months ago, I play and train as much as I can but I got a job, a family and some other stuff going on. I mostly play because I find it fun, not aiming at competition, I’m getting better tho, the tricks I show are the ones I’m comfortable with, but I always have some more stuff I’m working on

the problem (which is not really a problem to me) is that I mostly work on parts of tricks rather than full/complete tricks, and then I play from there, therefore I might not learn as many tricks as someone who goes grinding on the tutorials, I usually get bored with tutorials pretty quickly, I just wanna play ^^

I agree with your philosophy, tutorials just hurt my head >:(

But I like your videos, and in my opinion around 1:30-2:30 is sufficient for a one person vid
You’re doing amazingly well for someone who’s been at it for about 6 months

Also you might wanna put a language warning on the top of your post, I noticed the third song had some “less than appropriate” language for the kiddies out there.

Thank you for the kind words.

I got told before about the lyrics in the 3rd song, to be honest, English not being my native language, I have to focus to get the lyrics, in that case, I just listened to the music and didn’t care much about the lyrics. The most time I spend on my vid is basically to find the music (it can take hours) and at some point I choose not to listen to the lyrics because that would make my choice even narrower.

But then, it turns out I should still make sure about language, which I’ll do in the next vid.

new vid up, it’s springtime !!!