First Video

Hey guys, just put up my first vid. Enjoy!!! (Feedback Appreciated)

not bad, a bit long but few fancy tricks, second time today: how long have u been yoyoing?

1 1/2 years


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To comment on the video - That was very good! There were some very creative tricks in there! I loved it! You did a great job!

Thx, sry didn’t realize the original post counted.

I love videos, so I’m only critical to what I like to see…

The Bad
It appears that you’re in an awesome wooded area. I’d love to see you set up the camera in different parts of the woods. This will add more depth and create an atmosphere for the viewer to enjoy. The background was a bit static after awhile.

The music didn’t seem appropriate for the scene. I’d be into some bluegrass or some other Deliverance style stuff. (If you haven’t seen Deliverance, you’re too young to so don’t for now.)

Composition. If the camera were angled down just a bit more I we might get to see the star of the show a bit more: the throw and the tricks that accompany it. It wasn’t bad… just a tad lower. Also, find your mark for the close up shots. (i.e. know how close to the camera you can get before most of the pose is out of the shot).

The Good
You’ve got mad skills man. I can’t even come close to your accomplishments. You’ve got a nonchalant style I can respect. Some people come off with this “ya, I guess I’m good” flare that I can’t stand. You don’t project that at all. 1 1/2 years… I can only hope to accomplish what you have. Keep on keepin’ on.

Yeah, I was filming myself and couldn’t get a better angle, so I had to set in on a deck which explains why I couldn’t get into the forest. Thx for the compliments man.

I really really appreciate the feedback



Great job!




You’ve got some nice tricks and elements. Like stated before it’d be nice to see multiple angles and other scenery for your vid. I understand your limitations in this vid so hopefully you can implement that next time! :slight_smile: Also I’d try making your edits a bit tighter. Example is to cut out you walking towards the camera. Overall nice tricks! :slight_smile: