Look what I found lurking around on the internet.

[this isn’t me]

Lol :smiley: the yoyo isn’t even spinning most of the time

He’s just waving it around

he is NASTY, definitely getting picked up by yyf within the next 24 hours

You bet xD

Are you sure?

Worlds winner right there without a doubt.

This will be the video that I will show to people when they ask me if it is possible to be a professional yoyoer.

Thats really good

Especially the part when the yoyo was spinning

Yup. When I find a way to go to worlds that will be in my routine. My points will be over 9000.

Was it even spinning at all?

Dat throwhand glove doe

I find that the song choice adds to the hilarity. :slight_smile:

Omg haha awww

That pose at the end just puts this over the top

What if this kid actually has a YYE account ;D


then it would be even more hilarious. And the pose at the end just proved that you didn’t want to mess with him.

If people ask where to find inspiration in yoyoing I will direct them to this video.

Ithink he did an around the world at one point.lol

I like the part at the end when he throws his hands up. Yo-yo spinning or not, it was entertaining. Maybe he was mimicking an older sibling or something. :-\

I think he did around the world…and back (reverse). :slight_smile:

Nope it was original! He even has videos on how to do Buddha hops, (which he thinks is Mcbride rollercoaster) and he’s homemade yoyo case!