Around the World crazy

(Runez4lyf) #1

Okay now I am gonna make a little competion.

What you do is post a video of yourself going around the world the most times in one throw.


It has to be a responsive yoyo.

It has to be done properly

The yoyo has to come back to your hand at the end.

Okay start throwing!


I’d own. If I had a camera.




Here is my vid.

Keep it spinning™


41? Nice. Spinfaktor?


I think YYE Dark Magic.


Maybe, but I don’t see the inner rims.


In his video description, it says YYE edition Dark Magic.


Yep is a YYE DM. No caps (I like to preserve them). Kinda hard to see anything on that yoyo. When i first got it it looked solid black but the light was dark so. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Here is my vid!  I was using a duncan flying squirell and i did around the world 50 times! wwwwwwwwwwwwooooot!



I got 71 last night with my Lyn… But I don’t have any responsive yos…


Put thick lube on it.