Ok my bro want’s me to start a looping competion, so here it is.

Objective: Do as many loops as you can with one throw, and the person who can do the most wins!

Must use a responsive yoyo, no knot in the yoyo.
you can do inside or outside loops or both but no around the worlds or hop the fenses.
you must make a video of yourself doing the loops to enter.

Prize: no prize just the joy of knowing you won!

Deadline: July 10th and after that I will anounce the winner.(evan though it will be pretty obviose)

Ok so get started!


Theres an INSANE video on Youtube of 410 loops in a row! Check it out!


Oh, sorry, its actually 460 times. Here:


Nice! Were you counting in Spanish? ;D ;D

I think so, but that wasn’t him.

I think he wins.

Yeah but I don’t think he Is here on the forums. Otherwise he would win :smiley:

Ha yeah I know. You should find out where he lives and stuff and send him a postcard or something saying he wins and then put the link for this topic in there. :stuck_out_tongue: