Online Yo-Yo Video Contest!!! (June 29 - August 10)

Hi everyone so lets put down the rules:

  1. All kinds of yoyoing is welcomed (1a and 2a count as one section. All others is X decision… and yes 6a is ok too).

  2. This is a string biding battle which means… everyone must put at least 5 strings in to the jackpot… (and yes thay have to be new) all ppl who participates will be tusted to keep there side of the deal).

  3. Now there will be four judges all of which will be picked at random… I will not be a judge nor will I be able to win. (All that I get out of this is that I can put the contest on my website:

  4. All Videos must be on YouTube then posted on to here).

  5. There will be two 1st places winners and 2ed and 3ed place! X’D

If there is only a little bit of ppl doing this by the due date I will make it a bit longer. So have fun and good luck!!! X’D from