Jerk Style - 3


Another segment to “Jerk Style” the series I’m working on.
Tell me what you guys think, the combos aren’t very jerky this
time but still they go along with the type of style I’m trying to develop.
Thanks for watching




Never thought I’d hear Listener in a yoyo video, nice stuff.


Are you a Werewolf? :o

Haha, awesome vid. :slight_smile:


I found Listener a couple of weeks ago and love them, thanks!

Just a bit grizzly :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Fairhurst) #6



LOvin’ it! what yoyo?


Thanks bro!

Thanks! Yomega Maverick C-Size, although I’m no longer sponsored by them. Still a great yoyo though.

(Owen) #9

Why’d you leave them?


Nothing against Yomega, just have too much stuff going on in real life to deal with yoyoing for a company :slight_smile: I’ll admit they were super nice.

(Owen) #11

Ahh yeah that totally makes sense.

Your jerk style
Will be very


That means a lot! thanks, I’m going to try to record a full 2min+ video of all of my jerk style combos hopefully soon. I’ve seen Markmont do a couple of jerky moves and it inspired me to try and create a style lol.