Jerk Style - 2


Sequel to “Return - Jerk Style”

Tell me what you guys think.
Thanks for watching


Best sideburns Ive ever seen…


nice! what yoyo?


LOL thanks!

Yomega Ooch Yo


Cool! unresponsive??? i love the ooch yo


What exactly is the jerk style???

and what is the kerrari


Yes unresponsive, the Dif-E-Yo K Bearing makes it play a lot better.

Jerk Style is a style I’m trying to experiment with, where i have jerky fast moves while leaning towards classic elements. So basically in the end Jerk Style will become something that i can call its own style or it will just be something that didn’t work out like i wanted. If you watch from 0:15-0:19 of the video you’ll see how landing the trapeze to the unmounted 1.5 is jerked fast. If you also watch “Return - Jerk Style” there are a bit jerky moves in that video. Jerk Style is in its early stages that’s why you may be confused about what it exactly is.

The Kerrari was/is Rob Kitts’ Signature yoyo that was made for him while he was on Yomega.
Currently Hard to find since it’s discontinued and also it’s probably the best 1A Yomega yoyo to date besides for the newer prototypes.


cool! if you have a kerrari i could buy from you that would be cool! also thanks for letting me know


I wish i did but sadly i don’t even own one.
The Kerrari i used was Kris Linton’s that he got from Chun Hay Chan (Both sponsored by Yomega)
You might get lucky and find one on a BST or for sell on Ebay. :slight_smile:


ok cool! do you have an unresposive ooch you i could buy from you??


Sorry for the late reply, yeah just pm me.