Ultrawide Organic?

Would you like to see it?
If yes in what colorways?
If yes with 6061 or 7075 or 7068?
Your input is greatly appreciated

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I’d considered making one of these myself. I got a CAD made for one and it looks pretty awkward. Sure it would feel nice in the hand, but a pure organic just isn’t an shape that works well in an ultra-wide yoyo.

However, slightly modified organic with a steeper inner wall down to the response may work quite nicely.


Can you sort of visualize the modified inner wall?

Yep. I’m visualising it now.


I’m not visualizing the concept. The only thing that comes to mind for me is something like the Akita. It is pretty wide, not ultra II would say, and has a very nice organic shape. Though not exactly a pure organic.

I just don’t know how you make a purely rounded bowl shape. I would like to visualize. Bow about making a quick sketch on a paper.

I visualize a 69 but wider obviously lol. 69 is really good too.

I’m actually going to machine one as a school project from steel. It’s gonna be rad.


This thread makes me think of the yyf equilateral

By organic do you mean smooth curves, or do you mean high-walled O shape?

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Wow, your school is so sufficiently funded to the point where you use lathes and metal for school projects?

I’m talking about the bowl

I’m in the school to get a machinists degree. Cnc is one course and I’m planning on doing a yoyo during it.

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I’d like to see a depiction of this concept.

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… Manatee?


Something like this.


Nice. My design is very similar to this, except for the fact that mine has a spike instead of a hub. What CAD software do you use?

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My design is steel so a spike wouldn’t really work. (and I don’t like the look anyways)
I use Fusion360.

Man, that looks cool.

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I use F360 too. I actually think Al 7075 is a viable option for organics.