Bi-metal organics

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I saw the Grandmaster will be dropping soon from 2Sick and it got me thinking. I really like the concept of bi-metal organics but struggle to think of many examples. The only other one that comes to mind is the Case File 003. Any others that im missing?


CLYW Gorge and Mythril Flux are the only other two i can think of off the dome.


It’s been discussed before, there are a few, the Smashing Spectacle as well.


Leviathan 7 is also pretty close to an organic.

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(Jordan Blofeld) #5

Anglams are kind of organic Vs, the new Arata Imai sig is too. They’re both definitely more V than organic though.

Slasher and Rave are pure organic bimetals though.

Thing is, if you’re going to make a bimetal it’s going to raise the price. If that’s the case, you want to make sure it performs well to make it worth the money. You don’t have to, but as a designer it’s less risky to make a high performance bimetal over an organic one that will have smaller rings because it’s harder to allocate weight to the rims when the body takes so much more.


stealth boi


YoYo Freaks Bimom

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(Mitch ) #8

Makes a lot of sense. I just wish more manufacturers would go full send on this type of idea.

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Thank you. I still am forming the habit of using the search function on this forum before i go and start a new thread. I suppose i selfishly enjoy starting a new conversation.

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This has me thinking about how cool a TISS organic would be something :thinking:

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That’s fine, just good to search as well so everything is summarized. :wink:

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(LJ) #12

YYR Sputnik. Northern Spin Helix as well.

(Patrick Dressel) #13

I think the first iteration of the Duncan haymaker was organic

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I have plenty of designs but don’t have the balls to make em

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Anomaly as well.

Flux is the cream of the crop, imo.


Can I mail my Smashing Pip back to you? Asking for a friend.

maybe not all yo-yo designs should be made

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Send it to John, he designed it