New Release from Mythril – The FLUX!




The latest design from Mythril is a high performance bi-metal with a really premium feel – The FLUX!

mythril-flux-yoyo-2 mythril-flux-yoyo-4

The Flux went through 2 rounds of prototypes with design input from Mythril team member Adrian Velez to get it just right. It has a comfortable organic profile with chunky steel rings that push the weight to the very edge of the yo-yo to maximize stability and spin time. It plays fast and light, yet still with enough rim weight to give it a powerful spin to push through the most demanding combos.

Finished with the Mythril signature circle cut in the hub and available in a variety of stunning colors, the Flux looks just as good as it plays!


Adrian is such a good player. I’m excited!

({John15}) #3

Ooooh man that looks sweet!

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

I really like my Gravitas. I like the look of this too, but I’m trying not to buy any more yoyos! My wallet is grateful that this doesn’t come in solid black…


oooo organic bimetal! Rare indeed

I love the way they have a signature “cup” design, I like it when yo-yo brands do this.

(Jacob Waugh) #6

The G2 spike.


We were just talking about, “Where are the Organic Bimetals?”!


As much as I love the Smashing Spectacle, this Flux is calling to me. Looks great!


So this is… interesting. The bimetal ring is L shaped (like the Singularity) so it extends over the edge. It’s also scalloped so the ring blends into the curve of the yoyo. Very luxe. Overall just a super classy yo-yo. Reminds me of YYR workmanship, which is a huge compliment.

It is very rim weighted. It’s definitely my favorite Mythril to date, and probably the best bimetal organic of the precious few that are out there…

({John15}) #10

This one looks promising; LOVE the shape, the weight looks good, that acid reflux colorWAT is :fire:

But that price tag… yikes


Yeah bimetal pricing :frowning: