New Bi-Metal! The Mythril MONOLITH!


Mythril yoyos is a new Singapore based company started by Brian Low. Brian wanted to create a brand that puts more emphasis in yoyo aesthetics, all while keeping up to date with today’s high standards of competition playability. This is his second release – The Monolith!

Just looking at this beautiful yo-yo you can tell that a lot of thought went into the aesthetics, and after you throw it you’ll realize just as much thought went into the performance side!

The Monolith plays fast and maneuverable with a really powerful spin. The organic profile is far from your typical ‘competition geared’ shape, but it more than keeps up with the competition! It has a somewhat lighter feel in play and fitted with broad steel rings to spread out the rim weight, the Monolith easily maintains stability and spin time through long combos.

Available in a blasted finish for grinds or a polished finish that we just can’t stop staring at, the Monolith is a stunning yo-yo and an impressive second release from Mythril!

Releasing 7/22 @ 8PM EST!