Good manufacturers?

Hey guys, I’m not sure where to put this, feel free to move it wherever it needs to go.

Anyway, @FourCorner and I have been working on out own little project: an extreme undercut shape yoyo. We wanted to make a couple units just to have fun with. Unfortunately, the first manufacturer that we talked to said that they did not have the necessary tools to make the difficult design.

So I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good manufacturer to talk to that would probably be able to pull off a difficult machining job.
Just let me know,


Have you already tried FPM?


Wow, That’s very cool dude! I would love to see what you guys come up with, good luck!


Hmm, that’s a tough one. The undercut would need to have enough room for the machining tool to fit, if that makes sense. Maybe altering your design a bit to take this into account.

Edit: I actually had the same problem with the 50/50. I wanted a big spike but the tool wouldn’t fit to make it as big as I wanted.


One Drop might be able to do it, though it’ll drive your prices up.


As far as I know, only FPM is willing to do a true one-off run like this. Most subsidize their prototypes with the expectation that you’ll do a full production run afterwards.

You might be able to get away with tweaking the design to keep the big undercut but to also allow tooling to get in there. Or at least make sure it still appears to be large with some sort of optical illusion. Or you could offer to pay for custom tooling.


One Drop’s MOQ is 200 units from what they told us awhile back.


Yeah, thats way more than we would want. We’re not trying to sell anything. Just trying to make some for us to throw around for fun


Thank you for all your suggestions guys, I really appreciate it.


You might have luck with purchasing from a local CNC turning shop in your area. For work I regularly purchase one-off machined parts and most machine shops are used to that kind of work. Keep in mind that you need 2x quantity. If you want five yoyos you will need ten parts as far as the shop is concerned, which is actually enough to start getting into price breaks with most places.