Custom Yoyo Manufacturers

Anyone know some Yoyo companies that does custom yo-yos?

Yoyoempire, FPM, Topyo, One Drop, Foxland Precision, Magicyoyo

Any of these will give you a quote if you have a design. They have different minimum project sizes, though. FPM will do one-off small runs, for example, but One Drop is focused on larger production batches. (see da5id’s clarification below)


@MarkD how would I share my design with them?

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You’ll have to email them and ask what file type they need. Then look up in the documentation for your CAD software how to create that file.

We don’t offer small run or one-off manufacturing. All of our processes are designed around batch/production so it’s not at all efficient for us to do this kind of work.


FPM does runs of 5 I think
@Mazdarx7FD would now I think?

Got it, thanks for the correction.

Yes fpm does run of 5 I believe, but I am solely the leader of player side of yoyofriends and I don’t have as much connection on the fpm side, but I can help you contact them immediately.