Ultimate way to remove bearings?

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Hate to be the person to post of these threads but I am trying to remove a Koncave bearing from a C3 halo with zero luck. I have tried using a bearing removal tool, placing it in the freezer, pliers, pliers with rubber over the bearing, the string trick. Is there any other method I am not trying that works better then any of these methods that I have listed?


I’ve never had to go further than using pliers.


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It’s absolutely ridiculous how tight this bearing is on there.


It’s all about the wiggle man, you have to wiggle it out. Just pulling will do basically nothing. That’s the only way I know how to remove it.


Put it in the Freezer.

I remember when I had a Yuuksta, nothing could get the bearing out.

Then I used a YYF tool, and it came right out.


Dude, I totally feel you! My Severe’s bearing is completely stuck… Ive had really stuck bearings before and the furthest i ever had to go was put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and use my pliers… But my Severe had been so stuck I bought a yyf bearing removal in hopes of removing it… Once I got it, I put my Severe in the freezer for 5 minutes, then wiggled firmly at that bearing with the bearing remover for half an hour… It failed me… Money wasted… But hey, try that, put it in the freezer for 5 minutes then wiggle very firmly at the bearing with your bearing remover… If that doesnt work, you’ll have to destroy the bearing :-\


Try putting in the freezer for longer, maybe a half hour. It’ll make a huge difference!


An idea I saw was get a rod about the size of the inner race and put a bunch of grease in the center of the bearing an then shove the rod in the center so the grease pushes the bearing out


Different yoyos may require different methods for removing the bearing.

With my Halo, the YYF multi-tool works ideal. Of course, it’s also the stock bearing.

I would say, in this case, I would look to the sage advice of Master Red Foo and Sky Blue:
Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle. Yeah.

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I know to wiggle. That’s what I’ve been doing with no hope. Ughhh


Grab a some pliers, grab the bearing removal tool with them. This will give you the necessary leverage.

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I’ll try it.



You should try it too M Dev! ;D


I think freezing delrin is different that aluminum.


I believe the Halo has a metal bearing seat.

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It does but I left it in the freezer for an hour with no results.


Grab a vice grip and tear that thing to shreds. One of my yoyo’s seat was so tight the vice grip first squeezed the bearing so the shields popped out, then the outer race broke and I broke it in another place you it would come out, so it broke off and the balls flew out. But the inner race was STILL attached to the bearing seat! It just needed a good pull with the vice grip, though.

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But but but its a koncave!!! T.T


Glad to help man!

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Worked for me! Thank you so much!!!