Supernova stuck bearing


My bearing is stuck, and the multi-tool and pliers don’t work, and I think I damaged the bearing. I tried the freezer trick too, still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?


Combine the strength of both. Put the removal tool in there, then grab it with the pliers, and then wiggle it out


I tried that, it hasn’t really don’t anything… :-\


So… You tried the freezer method? Like, overnight? Alright… You tried pliers? And you did it the proper way where you rock the yoyo? Hm… And your bearing removal tool didn’t work? How long did you try it for? 10 minutes? Wow… I would say to try the string method, but that might damage your axle. It’s unlikely, though, so try it anyway. Yoyofactory makes good threads.


I’m going to give the freezer method one more try, I didn’t leave it in the freezer for very long the first time, so I guess I’ll try to leave it in there overnight and hope for the best.