I am sitting here finally getting in some ukulele practice. My teacher just came back from another cross country tour and I have a lesson tomorrow. I am practicing the Snake Dance, Merrie Melodies, This Is It, and Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho. Most of those songs I plan on using when I go juggling.

I love playing ukulele. I don’t take lessons though, I just look stuff up on youtube and mess around with cords. I have made a few little tunes with my friends before.

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Is your ukulele one of those that has 8 strings?
I have 2 ukuleles one tuned GDEA and the other tuned like a mandolin GDAE.

I play ukulele when I get bored waiting on my parents after guitar lessons. I know three chords but it is a very fun instrument.

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I took mandolin lessons for over 5 years and just switched over to the ukulele several months ago.
It is lighter and more portable then the mandolin and a lot cheaper so I can take it juggling and if it was to get broken it wouldn’t be to big of a deal. I have one tuned like a mandolin so I can still play my mandolin songs on one.