Any Musicians Out There??

Hello~! And welcome to this thread about finding the music in us all! If you are a musician, whether you are in an Orchestra or a Marching Band or just play and instrument for fun, holler down below and let us unite you amazing people!

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This has nothing to do with the post, but as a free bump and random thought, I now want musical string or a musical yoyo.

i play the clarientet

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“Featuring the New YYF Treble! When you throw it down, it spins a melody of your choosing! Insert the Micro-SD into the slot on the side of the Treble and the music will play as you land those amazing tricks~!”

Nice~! I play various instruments but mostly Violin and Piano :slight_smile:

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french horn and piano… i have a friend who is a concert french hornist well on his way to becoming professional.

So they’re not all about that bass then? (I’m done, I’m leaving now.)

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Ooo…French Horn is one of my favorite Brass instruments


nice recently I’m now wanting to pick up the saxophone but, my band teacher doesn’t want to cause I’m too good at the clarinet? I don’t get band teachers.

I have a friend that was once in that situation, but she was able to push through with the instrument change by how much she practiced it. But sometimes band teachers want people who play so well in an instrument to attain to a principal position, but it is the musician’s choice.

Are you in a Concert Band or Marching Band?

Guitar, bass and drums here… I play guitar in one of the most fun local bands here in the Detroit area. Fun covers and upbeat stuff only.

Any other weekend warrior rockers here?

That sounds so fun and exciting! Would come and hear some time :slight_smile:

Lots of classical piano…. competitions, festivals. Fun and stressful stuff. ;D

Im learning the harmonica and have been learning for a year now. I’m not great but I can improv a little.

As an older thrower I have had a life with music. Through my years in Cleveland and Detroit I worked both locally and on the road as a drummer playing rock, country and light jazz and in the pit (Cleveland musical theater). Moving to Florida I started working again, this time with a working country band. I decided to get an education in music becoming a Concert Percussionist and played both orchestra and pit (again) and also learned to play a little trumpet, trombone and saxophone along the way. And I still play (for community service) on occasion.

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Started playing drums in 2013 for bout a few months then had to put it away since we needed space for our Christmas tree that year. It was in the living room before Christmas now in the storage in the back of our house. Never took it back out after that Christmas that year. Might take it out this year since won’t have a chance that much after summer, since I’m going to start college in fall and even if I stay at a relatives or my parents house to save money probably won’t have the time :frowning:

Sucks too since I always wanted to play the drums since I was a kid, got the set for free too from my dads coworker when he brought it home after asking him for it haha

both my schools band is very prestigious its one of the best bands on the east coast.

I play the guitar. I used to play the flute in a band but had to quit because I moved. It’s a shame because I was one of the best in my school. P.S Flute is the manliest instrument ever.


Ahh…East Coast bands~! I’m part of the east coast so I know they are pretty good. From over where I live, our school is known for music, especially our internationally-renowned marching band.

Yes, flute IS the manliest instrument ever haha~

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