Any Musicians Out There??

same with ours but, our schools jazz band is an even bigger deal the got to Germany for a jazz festival every other year.

I’ve played the bass for a while, was my main instrument while I was reading musicology, during that period I completely lost motivation to play the bass, but gained a drive for singing. I’ve been wanting to get songwriting for a while, but I’m neck deep in a cappella, singing in a men’s chorus and a smaller mixed group whilst also conducting a mixed chorus. I play in a prog-pop band where we write our own material, so I do get some outlet.

In the past: Trumpet, a little piano and kazoo. Have always sung. Met my spouse in Music school. One of the first gigs I had as a college student required both singing in a church choir and playing in their hand bell choir, lol.

Hahaha, I’m pretty happy~! There’s so much of us experienced, and talented musicians. It is nice to know everyone’s musical side and hopefully in the future we can all share our passion for music together :slight_smile:

Hey i play cello but im a teen, im going in my 5th year of playing :yum:

Good Luck~! Cello is such a beautiful thing to play :slight_smile: Work Hard!

Played clarinet for 10 years, had to sell mine a couple years ago but I rent or borrow if I really want to play.

Drums for seven years, my kit will have to pried from my cold dead hands…Never selling.

I can piddle around on bass and sax (tenor) too.

Could you enlighten me on prog-pop? Those two seem like an oxymoron.

I’ve played guitar for quite some time and mostly play prog.

Quick question in mind concerning pianos: Which has better tone, a Yamaha piano or a Steinway?

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It’s all about preference and it also depends on the model of each one too. Personally I prefer steinway pianos

The steinway pianos have a much better tone overall and last much longer. Also the steinway piano is . much better built then yamaha’s. Another issue with yamaha pianos is the keys are very stiff and give a very twangy sound.

i know this because i have played a steinway next to a yamaha and had all the different sounds explained to me.

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Bass guitar, represent! I consider myself a music producer/writer. So, aside from the bass, I love messing around with midi equipment. I like to create original music rather than cover other people’s stuff. That’s my specialty. ;D

I always thought the bass suited my personality the best. I can stand in the back with the drummer, or up front. I can solo, and even play it as a lead instrument if I wanted to. It packs up and travels easy too. Also, if I mess up, I can blend it in nicely and pretend I meant to do that. I don’t need to be in the front, or want to play the back either. :wink:

Trombone! I want a bass trombone, but my parents won’t spring for one.

Bass parts are the coolest people~

Who knows? What I do know is the last Steinway I was close up to was decades old and sounded fabulous. I also was present, several years ago, just after a new Yamaha concert grand was delivered and tuned. WOW!

oh yeah my brother has a trombone what type is it?

I’ve played multiple 9 foot concert grand Steinways… oh so good.

You also have to remember though that there are still some very good Yamahas. The piano used in the international chopin competition in 2010 was a Yamaha.

true but you have to replace the pads of a yamaha soon after you get it because they harden and give a twangy sound… i played on a full steinway competition piano once. it was twenty years old and had a very mellow and deep sound, it was a treat to play on a such a grand instrument ( no pun intended)

i like to jam on da keyboards here and theres!!!

Mine’s just a standard tenor with no attachments.