I was wondering what instruments you guys play( if any ) and how longhand what not. I’ll start. I’ve been playing violin for 4 years. I will mess around on my guitar and I might be starting bass lessons soon.


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I play drums and sing some punk rock


I play the geetar, percussion/drums, and sing. I know a little trumpet I’m learning how to play piano and want to learn bass or violin. I have a flute that I never use and I am a boss at the kazoo.


I also know a little ukulele and i want to learn bass or cello


I play the drums, percussion in school, piano, and cello but I quit strings for band. No regrets. My Holiday concert is on December 13th!

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I play guitar, irish flute, and an ocarina.


in order of proficiency…
trumpet, trombone, piano, any single percussion (that you would find in a typical concert band) ocarina,
ukulele, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, and i still feel like im missing something


Do any of you guys play an acordian or concertina?


No but I have played violin for 4 years and used to play guitar dont really remember much though


Piano- 13 yearsish
Guitar- 6 years
Bass- 6 years
Percussion (Timpani, Bass Drum, Marimba, Xylophone, Snare etc.)- 4 years
Harmonica- 2 years

Ive fiddled around with and can play at least a few notes on (in no particular order)
French Horn
Home-made Diddly Bow


Do any of you play a vuvuzela.



I play the air.

you found the secret message!


Flute(doing a solo for a contest here in march)
Recorder( Music class)
Spoons (now who can’t play this) ;D