Multi instrumental

I saw the multi lingual thread and thought “Hey, why not see who plays what instrument?” So what do y’all play? I’ll start.

I have been playing violin for 5 years and counting, I can strum a little on the guitar, I can play the ukelele, a tiny bit of bass, and I had to learn the recorder in fourth grade(easy).

I will start doing cello in the next week or two but so far that is it. Who’s next? ;D

I’ve played the piano for about 7 years now, guitar for 1 year, xylophone for 7 months, flute for 2 years, drums for a few months, and that about sums it up!!

Drums aren’t an instrument… Unless your Neil Pert…

Anyways, I’ve been playing guitar for over 3 years now. Could probably learn bass whenever I want as it is a bass “Guitar”.

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I’m multi instrumental! I play the stereo, the television, and my all time favorite the hum-monica. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve played the Flute for 2 1/2 years, Trumpet for 2 years, French horn for a year, Oboe for a year and a half, Tenor saxophone for a year, Clarinet for a year, I just started playing a Baritone Saxophone, And I’m planning on playing the English horn in a few months. I might also be taking Bassoon lessons in a month or so.

Wow, you sure love you your woodwind/brass dont’cha.

Drums, bells, piano. I’m going to get more into drums, seeing how that’s what I was best at. As for piano, I just started taking lessons and as soon as I learn all of the chords I hope to get into learning by ear.

I mess around with the bass guitar, it’s my instrument of choice for sure.

I play guitar…maybe for like 6 years? And ukulele, a bit of bass guitar, two songs on piano, and I’ve been learning mandolin :slight_smile: never wa able to do drums… Don’t have the ability to do the constant beats… Sad cause I love drums. But guitar is my main instrument :wink: classical of course

I’ve played the alto sax for five years, bassoon for a year and a half (yes, it’s hard!), and this past winter I played snare drum in a winter drumline.

Six String Guitar for 5 years…not incredible at it…but I’m decent…I also play Harmonica, just learned Zippidy Doo Da on it.

Well… I’ve played the piano for maybe 7 months ad everybody, including my cousin who is a LOT better than me, everybody says I’m amazing for both my age and my skill.

8 years of piano, including two Emerson pieces (Read: Not Easy) and I have been playing bass for a few months. On bass I am currently trying to crack YYZ. I have learned almost all of it, but the second solo eludes me.

Guitar for 8 years, and i guess bass. I dabble in ocarina and the irish flute, but those are pretty easy so I can’t say I use them for much more than composing purposes.

Baritone for +2 years, I’m pretty good
Snare drum
And many other dabbles in things.

Piano for 6 years
Cello for 4 years
Guitar for 2 years
Drums for couple months
Recorder for i don’t know how long
Trombone for a little
and Trumpet for like 2 weeks

I play piano, bass, guitar, and drums.
Piano is my preferred instrument though.

Ive played guitar for about 4 and a half years trumpet for one year a little bit of piano banjo and autoharp