what instuments can you play?

i used to be a flutist. i can still play, i just dont practice. what about you guys?

Guitar, Trombone, piano, Drums, and a little bass.

Heheheh…I play Harmonica, somewhat decent, Guitar (acoustic and electric, as they require different techniques), and some Ocarina. Used to play better on all three, but as we all know, practice makes close to perfect.

Bass, and some guitar. Mainly acoustic.

I love acoustic, when it’s played well…I always almost laugh when I see the kids with theirs, but they only play a few chords, and they think they’re all that. My mom plays Simon and Garfunkel, and all sorts of Classical songs, so I can see technique. I almost forgot, I played pan flutes for a while, and slide whistles. I would say kazoo, as it requires being able to hum notes, but I figured people would say it doesn’t count.

Ah yes. I should have noted it was electric.

Classical guitar, electric guitar, classical piano, modern piano, jazz piano, bass guitar, violin. Drums :stuck_out_tongue:

bass guitar, string bass, banjo, trumpet.

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, EVERY Saxophone, Oboe, and I’m starting Bassoon this week.

You don’t say?

Anyhow, I don’t play instuments. Instruments on the other hand…

Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Synth, Drums, Sing, Dance, Babies.

Bassoon and alto saxophone.

Drrruuummmmmzzzz brah.

Playing for my whole life.


not me, I don’t play nuttin’

I play my yoyo.

yeah, that. I’m not getting any paying gigs with that either though. ::slight_smile:

Haha, you might someday. :stuck_out_tongue: I probably won’t though. :stuck_out_tongue: Not what yoyoing’s about.

Guitar and Trombone

Piano ,Classical guitar ,normal acoustic, electric guitar, churango, A little banjo, trumpet, and im about to start playing ukelele

I can play a little of paino from school and acoustic guitar plus clarinet which is my main instrument and soon jazz clarinet

I forgot to say i play jazz guitar

i love being in our school jazz band