I was goofing around and tried to beefcake my Sunset… It worked, it has a much longer spin time, you can do string trick with it, and its completely unresponive… Alot of fun… one problem…

I cant get the other bearing out… Im using my aquarius bearing and cant get it out of the sunset… Any tips? Pliers wont work

Doesn’t the Aquarius have a B size bearing and the Sunset a C? How hard are you squeezing the pliers?

Just keep trying,I dont think there is much else,try to place a pin under the bearing,but I doubt it will work any better than pliers.

Yeah just keep trying. I tried to take the bearing out of my Spinmaster 2 and it took me at least 30 minutes before i finally decided to just squeeze as hard as I could and i got it off and the bearing is still good and didn’t bend or anything. As long as you just use your hands to sqeeze the pliers and not a machine you shouldn’t have to worry about messing the bearing up.

Be careful.

I hate YYJ small bearings. I had one in my old Matrixx, my old Aqua and my Sunset. I lost mine for my Aqua so I used the one for my Matrixx, impossible to get out. Finaly, I pulled as hard as I could, BANG, it exploded, all the rims and balls. I once tried to use my Sunset bearing on my Aqua, couldn’t get it out of my Aquarius! Took me an hour because I didn’t want to break it.

Be careful.

Wow,you were down to one bearing…

Yes, getting a bearing that size out of any yoyo can be quite a fight.
I had that problem with a DragonJam, Aquarius, Matrix… in the end
if you try hard enough with the plier, you will get it out. grab it firmly
with pliers that have a sort of rounded inner area to grab the bearing.
Then, pliers from side to side to get it out. DON"T put the yoyo in a vice,
as my friend did that and screwed up/bent his bearing. Good luck.

Yeah. Grip the bearing as hard as you can, it won’t bend unless you’re superman, then, wiggle it up, down .ect.