Stuck ball bearing

I was randomly yoyoing, when my meteor’s bearing suddenly went silent. It is so akwardly silent, that i think its not even spinning.

With a flick, my meteor’s bearing can spin for only 3 seconds, and then dies out. I think i need to clean the bearing, but the stupid bearing won’t come off the seat! I put a plier there and can’t get the thing out of there! No matter how hard i yank, it just won’t come out! Is there any other way to get the bearing off my seat?

IS the bearing really that stuck on a Meteor? The Meteor has a really wide gap from what I know, so the bearing seat should be shallow/flush. On my M1 the bearing can be taken out using fingers, but it appears to be different on your yoyo.

When I remove my YYJ bearing, I just tie several loops around it and make sure it’s really tight. Then I can actually pull the bearing out. I have heard of people using magnets, but I have never tried this method myself. These methods may actually prove to be weaker than the pliars, so they might not work out for you.

It’s not stuck there. on yyj’s, there is a circle. Inside the circle, there is another circle, for the centre of the bearing to sit on. Thats what its stuck on :frowning: So it can still spin, but its not spinning well, i nid to clean it.

Did i not say that it was stuck on the bearing seat? Anyways, the bearing should come out of that seat easily.

Thats the problem.

Well, his bit of advice will probably not help, but I will give it anyway.

When using the pliers (I am assuming you are using needle-nose pliers?) don’t pull out the bearing. What you half to do, is wiggle it. Just wiggle slowly from right to left or vice-versa, and dont try to grip the bearing to hard. But make sure you are wiggling, in order for it to come out smoothly.

Tried it :frowning: the seat looks melted on to the bearing lol! :o But its not.

I think this is a point where it’s wise to contact YYJ.

Sometimes removing bearing from a metal yoyo can be painful, because sometime the anno gets too thick around the bearing seat.

All i can suggest is Don’t use all of you strenght to remove the bearing. Because you’ll end up damaging your bearing if you grip it too hard. Try use moderate strenght and wiggle it a lot. Make sure the pliers that you use, is the one with a round bearing shape on it.

There’s also one thing that got me curious tho’, have you ever removed the bearing from the meteor before. Because from what i hear from you is that you have a typicall locked up bearing. Which caused by over cleaned.

To fix you locked up problem just put a drop YYJ thin lube on the bearing. Its doesnt matter if the your bearing cap is opened or not. Try that first to see if it’s fix you locked bearing problem.

I use the pliers on my multi tool to remove my bearings. I use the round part at the base of the pliers. It fits perfect on my bearing. And the I set the yoyo half on a table and hold it down tight and wiggle the pliers back and forth untill it comes loose.

Also use a clean rag and make sure the pliers and/or bearing is wet or oiled… Good luck! Dont break it!

well are you gripping the bearing with the tip of the pliers or the circle part like in this pic

Yeah, dont be using these:

You want needle nose pliers, or these:

You may notice the hole. This is what is actually gripping the bearing, which is why they are so good for removing bearings from yoyos.

I have those, but they just won’t come off! Oh well its spinning, but still not as well as it used to :frowning:

Contact YYJ, they should be able to help you, you shouldn’t have to play with it “Broken”

Will they help even if i dinged it and beat it up?

They probably will. But you can’t find out unless you try.

Well, if you are planning on returning it, chances are you will be able to so long as it is under its 30 Day Warranty. If not, I’m sure André could help you out :wink:

Lol do i email andre? I got it on my birthday, 28 march, so i guess its by tomorrow?

It would be kinda akward if i email andre, because he reads all the threads on this forum, and has probably read this thread a few times haha