Stuck Bearing HELP

I’ve had a golden Galaxy Shutter for a little while now, but I just went to unscrew it last night for the first time, as I don’t pay with it as much as I’d like to. The point is that the yoyo was incredibly difficult to unscrew and squeaked like crazy. Then, I went to put it back together and it won’t screw in properly. It now has an unplayable vibe to it and I can’t try to tune it, as the bearing is stuck in the seat way too tight, even with a multitool or pliers. What should I do? Thanks.


The bearing should come out, may take a little extra wiggling to get it out. Hopefully you didn’t cross thread anything.

You could try putting the axle screw in on the opposite side and try flipping the bearing over once you’ve got it removed.

I had similar issues with my Golyat. It’s bearing seat is anodized so the bearing had a heck of a time getting on and off of it.

The way I fixed this was sanding the part of the bearing seat that the bearing slides on to. You should use a high grit sand paper and just work at it little by little. If you have another bearing laying around just test the bearing seat after buffing it a bit to see if it can slide on and off with out a whole lot of effort.

Now the bearing will still be stuck on the other end, but the yoyo should screw together properly and hopefully not have any crazy vibe. If you really want to take the bearing off I can only suggest to keep wiggling it as tedious as it might seem it will come off.

I got you josh.

I have your email and will reply tonight.