Yoyo squeaking/Bearing stuck

Hey guys i have a problem, I just got my popstar and it’s great but when i unscrew it, it starts making squeaking noises. After i opened it up I noitced that the anodizing on the bearing seat was wearing off when i screw it and unscrew it. Does any one have the same problem and if you do please help me. Also, my bearing is really really stuck on the bearing seat, it won’t come off with pliers and the bearing removal tool.

Happens to a lot of yoyos. Nothing to fret about, you just have a tight bearing.

Wiggle harder to get the bearing off.

It’s quite normal. Try putting some locktight on the axle to smoothen it a bit for less squeak.

If you’re bearing is stuck, there are many solutions:

Go look for stuck bearing threads in this board, there are over thousands of them.
Using pliers, wiggle a bit with a slight pull motion.
Use the string method, there is a video on youtube.
Get a 1/4 inch drill bit and use the end of it to stick into the inner race of the bearing. Wiggle it out.
Or use a specific size of tubing pipe (forgot what size), and works just like the 1/4 drill bit.
Problem with drill bit method though, it wont work on the axle side.

Or just buy a bearing removal tool. It will be useful, but depends if you think it’s worth the money. Stuck bearings happen very often, and many solutions.

If all of these methods don’t work, even if applied over 5 times each, then send it back to where you bought it or even YYF. They could help you replace it.

My genesis + did that a while back and now the bearing will just come off with me just using my fingers, it’s just a little tight and the more you unscrew the yoyo and take the bearing out then the easier it will be to remove it. When it unscrews it rubs the ano and takes it off and rubs the metal so thats what your hearing, no worries

Your problem is common and the Same thing happened with my dv888. What happens is a lot of yyf metals of 2011 are being made in china and they are using a new paint coat that causes that to happen. After using your yoyo for a while it will stop squeaking and become very easy to screw. Your problem is very normal. Alright’ so if you want to remove the bearing to replace it I suggest having one person grip the bearing with big pliers while you pull. It will be difficult and it took me an hour with my dv888. If you are concerned about breaking the bearing I would just order bearing removers but damaging it shouldn’t matter if you are planning to replace it anyways. Hope this helps!

It has nothing to do with the yoyos being made in china and the yoyos having paint on them (which they don’t). This is something that happens to MANY yoyos from MANY different companies.

The ‘problem’ is with the bearing seat, not the bearing. There is no reason to replace it.

If you’re trying to remove a bearing, never pull, always wiggle. Pulling will get you no where.

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