My dv888 super squeaky when I unscrew it I don’t know why. Also my bearing won’t come of maybe that has something todo with it?

i dont know anything about why it would be squeky, but for the bearing it might have a high tolerance bearing seat so you need to use pliers to get it out

mine also squeaks when i unscrew it… Have you looked at the little nub that you put the axle in, on the side it may be shiny metal instead of the color of Dv888 that you have. Thats what mine is

so how do u fix it

Your bearing is stuck because of high tolerance. It requires either pliers or bearing removal tool.

As for the squeaky axle, it happens a lot. Almost every Protostar and Northstar have squeaky sounds when screwed and un-screwed. I think it’s normal.

The bearing will come off with pliers, but if the bearing is really stubborn you may need to freeze the yo-yo first. Make sure that there is no dirt or grime on the bearing seat as well. The squeaky axle can be fixed by putting a little bit of grease on it.


Yes, mrcnja fixed on of my yo-yos that was having the same problem. Just needed a cleaning!