Axle problem?

Why is it when i screw my yoyo back together it is really squeaky its on my Dv 888 B grade from BAC

YoYoFactory’s bearing seats are tight, so it is really normal.

It’s a good thing dude! :slight_smile:

I hope your having fun with your new yoyo Brian!

I love It it’s a small bearing, also my axle keeps coming off what should I do?


Screw it together?

I was in the middle of grinding when Half the side of the yoyo came off and my axle always swithches sides when I unscrew

The squeaking is normal. the axle changing sides is also normal. The yoyo coming apart is your fault for not tightening it enough. I’ve done that too though.

if dont want the axle to come off again i do this. i chuck it in a drill with the axle on the side of the yoyo u want it on. then tighten the drill. after that i twist the yoyo half lightly until it stops and it will not come out again.

disclaimer try at ur own risk i am not responsible to any damage. ( dont tighten the drill so much that the axle is flatened

my axle is ok now

putting a tiny bit of loctite on the axle will keep it from screwing.
They’ll have it at the hardware store.

I want everyone to notice something in his link. Notice that the loctite is the blue #242. That is very important. If you get the red then you may not ever get it back out without changing the tensile strength.

So Which one do I get?

the blue one

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