Do any of you get this ¨problem¨ on your protostar?

When I am screwing back my protostar it makes a screeching noise.

yup that happens to my protostar too. i think its normal though. i dont worry about it much. lol

just put some lube on the spacers and it’ll go away.

Lol, i actually put a small layer of teflon tape on my axle, but thats not neccasary. Do what ^^^
SuperPokeNerd said.

It’s due to your spacers being stuck to your bearing.
It’s fine but if you don’t lube it (or take it off of the bearing) it’ll scrape your bearing against the plastic where it’s supposed to be, leaving tiny metal particles and black streaks.

It has those, on the plastic neer the axle.

I applied a small drop of thin lube on the spacer and the squeaking stoped.

Thanks for the help.

It is normal though for Yoyofactory yoyos. I never dare to lube a Yoyofactory yoyo. Whenever I lube it somewhere like the axle, it just messes up the playability. So I don’t lube it, and also Yoyofactory yoyos don’t come with lube, so yeah. :slight_smile: