Bearing/yoyo problems with valor please help


my valor recently started making a squeaking sound when i screw it together. i looked at it closer and it seems that the part the axle screws into and that the center of the bearing goes into are to tight and rub against each other squeaking. this was not happening in the beginning so is it possible one of the parts was bent? is there a way to fix it? if i keep doing it will it break or damage something?


Lots of yoyos squeak when you screw them together. As long as you can get the bearing off again, the seat is fine. You don’t want it loose or the yoyo could vibe.

Make sure you’re not cross-threading or anything… but other than that, don’t fear a bit of squeak.


If the squeaking bothers you put a little lube on a cloth and wipe the bearing seat and the axle w/it.


Agreed. This should help with the sound tremendously. But like GregP said, it’s not really a problem, just make sure your not messing up the threading.


This, i was just going to say it.


Looks like you have multiple threads for the same problem. So everything was fine when you got the yoyo because the squeak just started recently. Can you give more detail on what might have happened? I’ve read all of your threads and I think maybe you might have put the bearing on skew and that is why its stuck and making noise. But it’s hard to say really. Best thing is if you could ship it to us to inspect.