Axle Help

I recently took apart a new yoyofactory cypher and when i tried putting it back together, it started screeching. I stopped and tried again but the screeching was still there and this time it started to go on crooked, i tried again and again but it kept doing this. This also has happened to me with a CZM8. Can anybody help me with identifying what is wrong or how, if possible, to fix it. Thanks!

Looks like you might’ve cross threaded.

Remove the axle and check if the threads of each half are still intact.

If the axle is bent you’ll need to get a new one and be super careful when inserting the axle and screwing the yoyo back together (it should be super easy to twist the axle in place; if the smallest amount of effort is needed to screw the axle in a half take it out carefully and try again).

Screeching is probably the bearing.

Do a gyroscopic flop and see if it helps make it go away.

Sounds like very tight tolerances on the threads. Try a small drop of oil/lube on the threads. And carefully screw it in so as no to cross thread.

Please explain how screwing the axle in causes the bearing to make noise. Unless you mean a tight fit of the bearing on the bearing seat, which is a possibility. A gyroscopic flop will not fix that issue.

Thanks for the help. I will try putting lube on the axle. As for getting a new axle I tried taking an axle from my Shu-ta that still works and putting it in my cypher and CZM8 and it still did the same thing. I also noticed that on both it looks like something is wrong with the bearing seat. It looks scratched and messed up somehow. Also by screeching I meant it screeched as I was trying to put it back together.

OK - if the bearing seat looks scratched that is probably what is causing the screeching noise. The bearing seat is a tight fit for the bearing. It’s really not a big deal. You can lessen it with some sand paper. Use a 150 or 200 grit paper, wrap it around the seat and twist it a few times. Or you can just let it be and it will wear itself in eventually.

A lot of YYF’s do this. Normally it go’s away after a few times opening and closing it.