Ugh! My string is making me maaaddd!

My string (Yocala) doesn’t catch for whips or the whip bind! It’s really frustrating! I seriously need decent suggestions for new string, guys! I like whips (that catch) and string tricks. Thanks!

Fat kitty string.

Hows about some plain old slick 6 or slick 8 (50/50)? It’s worked for years for a lot of people until the boutique string fad became popular. It probably still works just as good.

Ok. Thanks guys.

You should try Big Yoyo String!

does it fit my needs?

It’s the best string out there IMO I just never have money to buy it… :-[

There’s a saying, “It’s the poor tradesman who blames his tools.”


ok then, why can I do the whip bind with yoyofactory poly, but can’t do it with Yocala?

Why do you insist on using Yocala?

I recommend any whippy string, the faster it moves the easy and quicker whips it will have. May I reccomend Big Yoyo String, Panther string and AM Slix are whippy. Of the two, Panther whips the most crisp. Check us out on Facebook :smiley:

If you’re looking for a really great price on strings I reccomend Big Yoyo String’s Candy string. It plays slower, so it’s good for practice, but whips quite well, but at a much slower speed than panther and Slix. Is also very cheap to buy, under $5 for a ten pack. If I stand correct, it’s under $4 for a ten pack actually.

I don’t. I just have a lot, and pretty much nothing else.

Then maybe just use the YYF stuff. :wink:

lol good point. :stuck_out_tongue: I only have one of those strings and just wanted opinions if that was the best for my tastes before I bought a bunch.

If it works for you, the rest ia all just someone else’s opinion.

you know what, man? You’re right!

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Right on. I like it when everything comes to a successful conclusion. :wink:

For whip binds, I find the response has more to do with it than the string. But same yoyo, two different strings… one binds, one doesn’t… it’s obviously the string that’s the difference in that case!

You might not be used to the string yet, you might need to work on whatever you can’t do on that string some more, you might need to adjust the string tension.

Could be a lot of things. If the string doesn’t fit your playstyle, however, then trying another kind of string certainly couldn’t hurt. There are tons of great options. My personal favorites are Toxic Dragon String and YYSL Type X. There’s nothing wrong with less pricey string like YYE slick 6 or poly either. Once you get familiar with a trick and the type of string you’re using, you will be able to do any trick/element you know on any string, although you will probably still prefer one type of string over another.

thanks, man!