Yocala String Review

First off, I don’t like this string all that much. I’ll explain below.

Yocala string is 100% poly and comes in a variety of colors and combinations. It is heavy-ish and is excellent for smooth, gliding tricks, the yoyo slides across it like butter. It would be great for tricks like brent stole or something. HOWEVER: THIS STRING DOES NOT CATCH FOR WHIP BINDS AND IT DRIVES ME NUUUTTTSSS!!! I don’t know why, but it just. Won’t. Catch. If you like the whip bind or any other non- bind string catches, DO NOT BUY THIS STRING. Ive also had some unfortunate unresponsiveness from this string. It’s very slippery and cuts into my fingers like a blade. However, if whips aren’t your thing, this is pretty amazing string. It performs magnificently for slacks and 1a. As I’ve said before: this string is beautiful and amazing for string tricks. It positively GLIDES. It also holds tension really, REALLY well. It takes a lot to get this string tight or too twisted. It comes in bages of 12 at a time and has a wide variety of colors.

Lots of colors
Holds tension WELL
does slacks beautifully
String tricks= AMAZING

Unresponsive and hard to catch for ANY kind of bind
Whip binds or catches= BAD
Cuts your fingers like nobody’s business
Doesn’t last all that long

Anyway, that’s just MY two cents on Yocala string. Hope it was helpful. If you have feedback, questions or comments, leave em’ below! Thanks for reading!

I have sooooo much trouble with slacks with this string.

you do? I don’t think I’ve had a problem, but whip catches are my main problem…

I use this string. Whips fine, can do all the slck tricks I know (3).

it whips fine? What yoyo do you use, man?

Whips fine with any of my throws. The thing I have noticed with this string is has it has a long break in period. The up side is after it breaks in it plays great for a very long time.

Maybe I had a bad batch it’s cheap and fun colors but i felt it whipped horribly and didn’t hold tension very well. but it was a super smooth string.

yeah I guess you’re right. I usually get paranoid about string snapping and change the string, but I guess I should let it live up to it’s full potential, huh? :wink:

it is amazingly smooth. I agree about whips (whip catches) but I rarely have to let it hang to get rid of tension.