I’m almost through the beginner section of YoYoExpert. However, my UFO is not so great. I can throw it and make it spin in that peculiar UFO way; it just won’t come back to my hand. Any Advice?

By the way, I’m left-handed.

Is the yoyo responsive? If so try just pulling back your hand mroe so it comes back up. IMO UFO isn’t really essential, I’ve never found a good use for it, it ruins string tension (that is, if the string tension is good, if it’s bad it coould fix it but there are more convenient ways), and I think it looks plain bad. Of course, these are just my thoughts.

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^ what he said… yoyo must be very responsive for it, and again like he said there are other ways that do the same thing, if your yoyo is responsive sidewinder is quite good and imo looks better, if your yoyo is unresponsive then there are a couple other techniques that are out there but im terrible at explaining, ill try to find some vids for you

Personally, I have other problems with the UFO. At least 4 different times when I was doing a UFO, the string loosened so much that it came off of the yo-yo. The yo-yo then hit the ground and unscrewed itself! I think it came apart all but one time.

Your doing it for too long.

If you play responsiv, forget UFO and learn sidewinder: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/025-intermediate-side-winder.html

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Thanks guys. I finally mastered UFO and Sidewinder.


Then just lock the thread. Some people don’t do this, and then people end up righting long posts trying to help you learn a trick you already know.

well, if i were u, i would just skip it. you dun really need it for the other tricks.

Do you have any idea what he just posted about 2 posts above you?