String tention

so i quickly moved my way up to advanced tricks part two ( in like two weeks). the yyj legacy i had wouldnt sleep long enough (maybe i couldnt make it sleep long enough) for me to pull off many of the tricks i was learning. So i went and got a yyf MVP. Its a great yo-yo but i cant get the sidewinder to work (and i cant get the ufo back to my hand, due to the binding requirement). Is there something im doing wrong, do i just need to keep trying, is there any other way to adjust my string tension ( aside from taking the string off my finger or letting it spin at the end of the string)?

The sidewinder you used to do doesn’t work because your yoyo is unresponsive.

I’m on the same boat as you anyways, since I just started playing unresponsive, and I was recommended this:

It’s pretty good.

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I have the same problem! I normally just do a ufo and then snap start it.

dang, thanks that vid was very helpful. I just hate having to wind my yo-yo so much. i almost cant believe i didnt figure out that method of sidewinder myself. and the last method is really neat. I think this was really cool, im glad i decided to post my question. thank you guys tada!
Aslo here’s one i made up.

  1. Thumb grinde with your nth.
  2. Pull the string it was sitting on away from the yoyo like washing machine.
  3. The string will spin around the yoyo.
  4. Drop