Need help with the UFO.


Ok, so here is the thing:

Most of the times I do the UFO throwing the yoyo to the right (in order to tighten the string) I get decent results.
BUT, when I throw it to the left (making the awkward movement shown by Andre in the video) I ALWAYS hit my hand. The yoyo shoots back instantly as soon as it gets to the end of the string.

I haven’t figured it out what to do. :-\

1: Post this in the Tricks area.
2: Practice More.

Serious about the practice more thing. That’s always the best advice. I just keep practicing. Some days are better than others. Sometimes i have to take a break(like a day or two) and then get back into it. Just keep practicing and don’t get discouraged.

3: See if you can find other videos for the same trick. They might give you a bit of advice that makes this work for you.

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I’d suggest a softer throw and more angle. Also try doing it before the string tension is super tight. If the string tension is super tight on a responsive yo, it will just come right back at ya. You might even try adjusting the string tension by just letting the yo hang and unwind,and then practice the ufo so you can get the feel for the basic movement. Then once you have it figured out, try it with the string tension being tighter. Often when people say “practice” it’s almost experimentation at first. I can always feel when I get closer to the solution, at that point it feels like practice, prior it’s just experimentation.

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Thanx guys.
Sorry I posted it here. That’s 2 threads in a row I post in the wrong section :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to have patience with this trick. I left the trick behind several weeks ago when I couldn’t manage to perform it right and only tried again a few days ago.
I’ll ask Dr. Youtube for some videos and will try what skitrz said too.

Throw parallel to the ground you’re not using enough angle.

I’ll try that.
I saw an image some days ago where the performer was throwing at something like 30° /| ← like this
Haven’t tried paralel since the movement of the hand needed for that is a bit hard for me to archieve but what the hell, no pain no gain hehe 8)