ufo help

hi, i was wondering if someone could give me on doing the ufo. whenever i throw it to the left or right, it immediate flings back to my hand. it pretty much doesn’t do a sleeper and acts more like a gravity pull for some reason. when you guys throw it, do you throw it near horizontal? or like at a 45 degree to the ground? or…something else? after you throw it, does your throw hand move at all? mines isn’t moving so im not pulling it back or anything. it just…does a gravity pull instead of a sleeper. weird. thanks.

i’ve honestly never heard that before. if you are doing exactly what you are saying by not moving your hand during the throw and it comes back to you, then you’re gonna wanna give that yoyo of yours a once over. idk what kind of yoyo you are using but bearing yoyos usually do the trick, and they can be imperial or butterfly shape. check your yoyo, and test it out with a few sleepers or two.

once you fix your yoyo problem, throwing it completly horizointally, or at a 45 works both ways since it is not straight it will die in the direction you threw it. i personally throw it out completly horizontally that way it’s already doing the ufo thing before it it even comes down all the way.

I might just be that your yoyo is over responsive, or your string tension is too tight. It could also be that you throw differantly when you throw horizantally. What yoyo are you using?