UFO Help

I’m having some trouble with the UFO trick. Whether I do it to the right or left, it spins to the right, making it tight. You guys have any tips to fix this?

is the yoyo string coming over the top of the yoyo?

Check that first.

Each throw must be thrown hard and at an angle.

If the string and throw angle is correct, you should have a perfect UFO.

Let me know!


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throw your yoyo at an angle and perfectly then you will get it

You can also twist the yoyo 180 degrees in your hand. Then throw it to the right and it will be just like throwing it to the left.

throw the string to the correct angle then you will get it

it might help

I think when you are throwing it to the left you are throwing it wrong.

Make sure when you have the yoyo in your hand, you’re not throwing to the left like you would throw to the right. Make sure the yoyo looks like this in your hand:

You will see Its not just throwing to the left, but you have to curve your hand to make the yoyo be able to loosen. Make sure you curve your hand more, so the pinkie side of your hand is facing up.

(This is assuming you are right-handed of course)