The U.F.O

Hey guys, I have another question. You know how in the U.F.O the yoyo is supposed to grab the string and return to your hand when the yoyo is spinning horizontally and you pull it up? Well, every time I do that I get different results. Every time I throw it to either the left or the right, it actually shoots back to my hand, not spinning out. I throw it very strongly horizontally and everything, and the scary thing is that it shoots back to my hand with extreme force afterwords, so I’m scared to catch it. So, in essence, I can’t get it to spin horizontally to execute the trick. Any tips on small hand motion that I could be missing?

dont throw the yoyo TOOO strong. :]

As soon as the yoyo hits the end of the string, move your throw hand towards it by a few inches to give it some slack, so its doesn’t immediately come back to you.  Check the video here, and notice where his throw hand is when doing a horizontal throw that returns vs. the throw that leads to the UFO:

If its the Duncan reflex its made to come back to come back to your hand.

Try to get it sleeping sideways. It doesn’t have to be completely sideways. You don’t have to throw it really hard either. After awhile you just kinda get the feel of it. I can do UFO easy, but I just can’t return it. Part of the reason is my yoyo, its really unresponsive.

You probably just aren’t throwing it sideways enough. Try to tilt your whole upper body so that you are almost throwing down in relation to your body and then put your hand above it. Also make sure not to throw it very hard until you get the feel for it.

Yes, same with the Brain, but they are still made to sleep and I can easily do UFO with my Brain.