PLEASE help me!

I use a Yomega Highspeed Maverick, and whenever I do UFO to the left I notice that it spins inwards because of the way you do the throw/the way it rolls off your fingers. If you do UFO to the right, it spins the same way… So it spins both ways, even if you throw it to the R or L. Do I have to throw it to the left with my left hand? Or what? :-[
Please help me!

Turn your wrist so the back of your hand leads your throw.

I respect all the answers, but do you mean turning it inwards to the left so my hand faces outwards?
That’s kind of an awkward position and hurts though…

Scratch that
Thank you for the method! It works, and I don’t care about the pain, I just want it to work! I was just wondering up there if there was a better method that could keep you from an awkward position like that

Nice Signature by the way…
I noticed you posted on my last thread about this… But it’s not the case and I’m still troubled by this… Whenever it is tight, it tightens even more!

It is an awkward movement but you always lead with the back of the hand when you throw. This allows the yo to roll off smoothly.

So if you are right handed you hold the yo palm up and tilt the top of the yo to the right, throw down and to the left.

I’m glad you like the sig. It was the result of a silly thread.

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You can also learn side winder in the intermediate section. It helps with string tension.

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