My Defective Throw

Alright, I admit to my newbie status, but I have been throwing on and off for a long time. Lately I hav edeveloped a throw problem that I can’t seem to fix. My Lyn Fury (or whatever yoyo I happen to be using) goes way sideways. Sometimes it is sideways right away when it hits the bottom of the string. More often, it starts straight but then goes sideways as it slows down. It really sicks because I’m not that good at binding yet and it is impossible to do a bind when the yoyo is going sideways… I just can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong here. I guess I just developed a bad habit somewhere… Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to fix this problem? Is there a common cause of this sidewaysitis?


Watch This video:

Also, just flat out practice. It is a habit that you will cure with experience. Also, try to snap out your wrist more.

you could be turning yr hand over to fast after you throw it. when you throw make sure the yoyo is at the end of the string before you turn yr hand over. i have see it many times when i teach people.

keep it spinning

That’s good advice, Robert. I know that I tend to whip my wrist to throw the yoyo down, rather than doing it “right” way…