UFO with unresponsive yoyo... ?!

Hi guys!
This is my first post, so please bear with me if I mess something up… :-\

I have just recently taken my yoyo-ing to a new level, going from a semi-unresponsive to a fully unresponsive yoyo (the OXY5 in my signature), but I’m having trouble (let’s say I am totally stuck) performing the UFO trick as a means to tighten/untighten the string.

I used to be able to do that once every few tricks with my previous yoyo, to keep my string tension correct, but now no matter how I throw the UFO or how I try to help the string wind back, it just won’t grip, and the yoyo dies.

Is there some specific binding technique to come out of a UFO with an unresponsive yoyo? Or perhaps some other means to adjust string tension without having to take the string off my finger?

Thanks in advance to anyone who’ll take the time to reply! :slight_smile:


I suggest adjusting the string tension this way:
If you still want to do the UFO for an unresponsive yoyo, you have to pop the yoyo up and bind it sideways for the yoyo to return to the hand.

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Thanks cinimod105!! ;D

The solution shown in the video works like a charm! I still want to be able to perform UFO with an unresponsive yoyo, so I’ll practice sideways binding, but in the meantime I will definitely use this other neat way to adjust tension.

It should work with a un-responsive yoyo. There isn’t technique though. No secret tricks. I know it’s possible. Try popping your yoyo UP and TOWARD your throw-hand a bit.

ufo and binding don’t go together. You can do ufo but then you really need to stop the yoyo and then wind it up again. You really should learn how to do a bind ufo type thing but the yoyo isn’t on it’s side. It’s vertical. Its more like sidewinder with a bind.

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to do as you said, skeleton, but with no luck at all…
I’m pretty happy with the video tut technique tho, so I guess I’ll let UFO rest for now.


I don’t know if this helps but here is a vid of someone doing a UFO on an unresponsive yoyo. Watch the first guy. It wasn’t the vid’s reason, but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5mAAFGdkJ0

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You’re right XLazyThrowerX, and it looks as if the guy somehow binds horizontally to get the yoyo back at the end…
Will study this a bit to see if I can get it landed.

I love this forum, you’re all so helpful! :slight_smile:

be careful, horizontal play looks rather “dangerous”

I will make sure I’m nowhere near windows or glass cabinets… :wink:

rather make sure your head is out of the way

I’m a 6/7 months noob and I stay away from anything horizontal for now