Can the ufo be done with a hubstack afterglow?

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so is there a way to do the ufo with a non responsive yo-yo and have it return back to you or is this only done with responsive ones?


People play horizontally all the time! I think that’s what you mean by UFO letting it spin horizontally. Most people bind it after. You can search up a few people one being Carlos brauns eyyc 2014 freestyle it was a lot of horizontal play that way you can see some of the binds, also iori Yamaki had some nice horizontal play and binds


Sorry if that didn’t help at all. Hopefully it shows some horizontal binds


If you do UFO on an unresponsive yoyo, you’ll need to bind it when you’re done. To me it doesn’t have the same visual appeal as just being able to snap it back to your hand, so I only do UFOs if I’m playing responsive or fixed axle.

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I am trying to learn this for ways to release tension with unresponsive yo-yos other than taking my finger off string and letting it dangle ;D


This should help you

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DAMN that looks hard as hell so trapeeze is what i shall learn next  :stuck_out_tongue:

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When you do wind, instead of over the top, wind starting underneath (backwards). This will give you some more throwing before you need to adjust again.