U-Turn: Cool Slack trick

Just a trick I was just fooling around with. :wink:

Here’s how you do it.
1:Start in a Trapeze&his brother.
2:Do a Bro slack.
3:Here’s the tricky part, after you catch the slack swinging around, swing the string backwards as well as the yoyo. Catch the slack BEFORE the yoyo on the string, then land the yoyo on the bottom string. Bringing you to an Under mount. If all of this is done smoothly, it sure can be a crowd pleaser.

Happy Throwing!

Lol. I do this “trick” all the time. It is definitely fun. ;D

I don’t really understand, I THINK I might do it a lot, but I’m not sure because I don’t really understand the description. Would it be possible for anybody to make a video?

I don’t get it either.

A short video? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m confused.

Sorry guys that I don’t have a video my camera is broken at the moment. What is it that you guys are confused about?

swinging the slack and yo-yo backward?0


You might consider changing the name though.

As Micheal S made U-turn back in 1999.

Don’t want to confuse tricks.


Matt, what you do is that you do the exact opposite of what you just did. You are still pinching the string to make the slack. But you swing the yoyo of the Trapeze&his brother and the slack will follow, but you catch the slack first, because with enough momentum you can do that because the yoyo is still in midair. Then you catch the yoyo on the bottom string so you’ll end up in a Trapeze.


No. ;D

Hey, I think I might have actually already done this before, that was a better explanation. A video would still help. Dashiznit, could you make one? Or Jayyo, it sounded like you understood it, would it be possible for you to make one? Thanks,


I still have no clue. Sorry, I’m slow. :smiley:

I know, same here. Video please!

I’l try. My week is boring so far. But I think Jayyo would make a more informative tutorial, but I will still try to get one up in the next day or so.

Iggh awesome dude! :smiley: