Please help me with the trick and whut

I started to learn and whut, it was really easy until I got to the part after you flipped the 1.5 mount to the other side. I just dont know how to make it not land on the string, please give me some tips anything is helpful.
-confused yo-yoer searching the internet for advice


Did you already check out Andres’ video in the Expert learn section?

That pretty much lays it out.



anybody help with the reverse slack trapeze and the slack trapeze… i’m wondering if you have to pull your non throw hand finger out of the trapeze and then stick it out again to land the hook catch…or if you can just keep your finger out the whole time…


Reverse slack you kind of do, slack trapeze, you keep your finger there.

this is slow motion so easy to follow
Ah… just saw that this is for And Whut…
I have no idea then lol but it is just reverse slack trapeze like normal as part of the element then this video still stands :rofl: sorry

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thanks for the help i nearly had a heart attack yesterday trying to figure reverse slack trapeze out!

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hold on moonage i told you the wrong trick. this is the one i meant:
“reverse trapeze whip”…

it’s on the yoyo expert trick list. i keep pulling my finger in then sticking it out rather then keeping it out. i have the slack trapeze down though, just not this trapeze whip yet. your help would be much appreciated.

Also i didn’t know where to post this web site is huge.

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if you could get a slow mo for the whip that would be badass

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Ah, hahaha I’m working on that too, so can’t help you there lol.
It’s basically the same motion as whip to kamikaze.

the under whip one from a trapeze is easier than the over whip one (tech. called reverse trapeze whip) to land cause it’s just the “heidamasa hook” from a trapeze. this guy drops the yoyo out from the non throw hand to do the trick.

let me know if you figure out a tip please!

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if you post a video i’ll look at it… “and what” is just hard till you figure out the how… then you’ll hit it every time.

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Yeah also known as -1.0 hook.
Hidemasa is 1.0

i wish there was a place where we could go to learn the ridiculous tricks

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Like a yoyo club?
Wish there was one in England

i mean online and have them break the sic tricks down like they do on ■■■■■■■■■■.com

Mr matio

Start with this one

I’m learning it at the moment. Well like 30 min in but still.